Jackson Riegler

Jackson Riegler, the founder of Oshki, a West Michigan-based apparel company, will take you on a journey through the creation of Oshki, a venture he initiated in 2017 during his senior year of high school. Oshki is a company with a unique mission — repurposing plastic waste from the Great Lakes and other US waterways into sustainable performance apparel.

Jackson’s story encompasses the initial challenges, pivotal moments, and the crucial role played by University of Michigan funding in transforming Oshki’s supply chain in 2019. After his recent graduation, Jackson sold 15% of the company to fully dedicate himself to Oshki’s mission. In the first half of the session, he’ll share this remarkable journey. Following that, he’ll present findings from his senior year study, conducted in collaboration with UofM’s Director of PITE, Dr. Sara Soderstrom, on “How to Reduce Microplastics in the Great Lakes using Public Policy.

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