Pitt Grewe

Pitt has been working in the outdoor industry for 20 years. From resort operations to public service, he has always focused on helping people get outside and find a connection with our public lands. In this role, he is helping land managers reach AllTrails users with critical information and get access to important trail user data trends to keep people safe and protect our public lands.  Before joining AllTrails, Pitt served as the Director of the Division of Outdoor Recreation in the state of Utah. He loves working with the many outdoor recreation stakeholders to increase funding, harbor collaboration and educate communities on the benefits of getting outside. He is always up for an adventure on a trail, a river, a cliff face, or in the snow.

As a father of 3, he always strives to support efforts to get kids outside to discover the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exploration and discomfort. He believes that we all really are happier when we step out of our comfort zone just a little. He is known to convince people a solid bushwhack is good for the soul.

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